Curating Experiences for Kids & Families

“Our experiences expand our minds and our understanding of the world around us”

Every child needs a parent, grandparent or friend who will say let’s go, it’s time for an adventure!

Through curating and operating unique play events and experiences, we seek to create more opportunities for family bonding through fun and play.

Play & experiential activities are also great ways for children to get off their screens and develop their physical health and capabilities all while having the best times of their life!



    Dinoland – Largest Indoor LIVE Forest with Dinosaurs

    Dinoland is an immersive dinosaur adventure taking place in a living indoor forest! Visitors immerse in the role of rangers while going through a 1.5hr ‘trek’ in the indoor forest as they come upclose with multiple species of animatronic dinosaurs, while enjoying a range of immersive activities including river crossing, mining cart ride and more!

    Instead of the usual dinosaur exhibitions where visitors view dinosaurs from a distance, Dinoland is an immersive journey where rangers ‘trek’ into the habitat of the dinosaurs and interact within breathing distance from them! During the visit, rangers will also journey through land, sea, air (cliff) and an underground cave.


    – Trek & Explore a LIVE indoor (air-conditioned) Forest
    – Come upclose with over 20 Hyperrealistic Animatronic Dinosaurs
    – Learn about Various Dinosaur Species and their Characteristics
    – Immersive Activities include River Crossing, Fossil Digging, Mining Cart Ride & More!

    Location: Dinoland @ SAFRA Yishun #02-01

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  • More information at: http://www.dinoland.com.sg


    Little Farm Explorers is a multi-activity, interactive urban farm tour about creative sustainable farming!

    Enjoy a farm day out as our creative farmers guide you through an eco-excursion!

    Tech Farms of Tomorrow
    Learn how farming has evolved through time to become more sustainable with technology!

    Fantastic Fishtopia!
    Find out how fishes and vegetables can be farmed at the same time through a modernised aquaponic setup!

    Wondrous World of Compost
    Explore the hidden world of compost and learn about how it is one of the most important processes in nature!

    Mystical Waterless Garden
    Enter a mystical garden where the plants have adapted to environments with zero rainfall!

    Edible Organic Garden
    Embark on a tasting journey through an edible garden where every plant grown can be harvested for food!

    Eggcellent Egg Farm
    Learn about ethical egg farming and how free ranged farm birds produce healthier and better organic eggs!

    Location: City Sprouts (102 Henderson Road)

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  • More information at: http://www.littlefarmexplorers.com.sg


    Bloop Bloop™ is a fun ‘long kang’ net fishing experience for kids and families!

    Kids and parents will have lots of fun going around our curvy ‘long kang’ to catch little fishes, before decorating your own little fish tank and moving them in!

    Splash, Play & Catch

    Catch various small fishes using nets provided by us! Don rubber boots for a safe and comfortable experience!

    Decorate your Own Tank

    Decorate your fish tank with multiple accessories like gravel, colored pebbles and more, all provided by us!

    Nurture your Fishies

    Bring your fishes home at the end of the day for a FUN & memorable experience! (optional)

    Location: 200 Pandan Gardens (PeopleUp Enrichment Hub)

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  • More information at: http://www.bloopbloop.com.sg


    The Cutest Fur-Family In Town!

    Enter into the love-filled play home of George & Furfriends where you will be greeted by a Family of Big Fluffy Doggies, Tiny Furballs and More! Get ready for heart-warming hugs, cuddles and playful interactions with Adorable Dog Breeds from all over the World!

    Meet Your New Best Friends!

    Our adorable puppets love new company and creating heartfelt relationships! Big or small, they hail from all regions around the globe and are very friendly, playful & adventurous!

    Have A Doggie Play Date

    Shake a paw, give a HI-FIVE or snuggle close together! George & fur-friends are excited to receive all the belly rubs, pets and cuddles you can give during your intimate doggy play date!

    Show Some Love

    Show our doggos some love and they’ll always return with more, making the world a better and cuter place!

    Location: 200 Pandan Gardens (PeopleUp Enrichment Hub)

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  • More information at: http://www.worldofpaws.com.sg