Enriching Lives Through Fun Based, Practical Learning

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”

We believe in nurturing the right values and attitude in youth.

With an expanding variety of enrichment schools, PeopleUp seeks to provide highly engaging learning activities for children. We believe that fun should never be one dimensional and that there should be much more to fun than just play.

Our enrichment activities help children develop positive values and traits such as courage, perseverance and confidence, as we seek to be the stepping stones for the future leaders of Singapore!

Founded in 2010 by International Skate Champion Ernest Wong, Ernskates seeks to provide safe, fun and professional lessons for adults and kids of all skill levels.

With 4 local training grounds located at East Coast Park, Safra Punggol, JCube and PeopleUp@Pandan, Ernskates attracts more than 500 students for its weekly classes.

With a coaching team of more than 20 former and current national team skaters, Ernskates’ elite line up of coaches provides the best in inline-skating enrichment to students.

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Verticlimb is Singapore’s first gamified indoor Rock Climbing studio. Through detailed level planning and automation controls, Verticlimb provides an immersive gamified indoor climbing experience that challenges you both physically and mentally!

Verticlimb is founded by Nicholas Lee, an ex Singapore National Climber who has represented Singapore in the IFSC Bouldering World Cup in 2014 (Chong Qing, China), 2015 (Munich, Germany) and 2016 (Innsbruck, Austria).

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Threeesteps is a hip-hop and urban dance studio that encourages on self-confidence and expression for young kids and teens.

Threeesteps Dance Studio is headed by Coach Danny Lee, an award winning dancer who is a pioneer in the local hip-hop scene. Being an expert in various dance styles, Danny frequently judges for various local and international competitions.

With over 10 years of coaching, Danny has trained over 5,000 students across various age groups and has produced award winning teams and dancers under his guidance.

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MentalMatrix is a Brain Training Centre that nurtures the fullest potential in kids.

Founded by Principal Wellon Chou – Singapore’s 1st International Memory Master and Achiever of 6 National Memory Records, MentalMatrix develops training programmes for early brain stimulation and right brain training techniques that build a strong foundation for children of different ages to achieve their fullest learning capabilities through better brain development and utilisation.

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Ants are all around us. Ever present, but ever so hidden. Ants are one of the most advanced species on the planet that have survived for the past 120 Million years! But yet, there is so much that we do not know about these amazing creatures.

So come on down and visit us at The Singapore Ant Museum, where multiple species of ants will be showcased in beautiful man-made habitats. Get up close views on varying species of ants in their habitats in a safe and controlled environment where our friendly guides will share and educate everyone on the lives of ants and even, the joys of Antkeeping as a hobby!

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The Zone is a mixed HIIT (high-intensity-interval-training) fitness studio that provides the most intense environment and motivating trainers that work hand in hand to deliver the most exciting, effective and efficient workout.

Our head trainers curate an awesome 30 minute workout that gets you into great shape, everyday. All you’ll have to do is turn up when you’re ready!

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