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Small wonders: Asia’s first Ant Museum in Singapore
Dated: 19 March 2020

Ants that can grow to the size of a human ear and some that can “live forever” by cloning themselves. These are just two of the 23 species of ants on display from today at Singapore and Asia’s first Ant Museum.

Encouraged by the response to an educational exhibition he organised late last year, he decided to create a permanent ant museum, together with a business partner. Besides giving visitors a glimpse of both common and rare local species, the ant museum allows them to learn about various ant behaviours. It also offers two-hour guided tours.

Exquisite Formicarium on Display. Photo by: – Justin Hui

Singapore opens its first Ants Museum, and it’s fascinating
Dated: 18 March 2020

If the second floor of the museum showcased the variety of local ant species, the first floor showed off the creativity of local ant-keepers.

Large ant-themed paintings lined the walls, and ornate formicariums made using precious stones and gold made the place look more like an art gallery.

After the tour, I got the chance to talk to Zat Low, 36, the founder of the Ants Museum. He asked me about my colonies (he gave me advice and test tubes to start my first colony years ago), and shared about his hopes for the hobby and community.

Bouncy Paradise Singapore: NEW Indoor Playground with Bouncy Castles and 20 Slides
Dated: 17 December 2019

Looking for indoor playgrounds in Singapore where kids can bounce, jump, slide and run amok to their heart’s content? Bouncy Paradise is the latest indoor playground to open in the West. The air con indoor playground is located in one massive 20,000 sqft space featuring a huge interconnected bouncy castle platform with 20 rainbow slides, trampolines, ball pits big enough to swim in with unicorn floats, plus obstacle courses, climbing walls, a flying fox and more!

Photo by: Little Day Out

Bouncy Paradise is BACK For Good And It Is Bigger, Better, Bouncier!
Dated: 7 December 2019

West is best and we have the biggest bouncy playground to prove it. Bouncy Paradise which was last seen with its pop-up at PeopleUp@Pandan. Parents will be happy to know that Bouncy Paradise is back for good with a huge overhaul. Instead of different bouncy castles, Bouncy Paradise is now an interconnected bouncy platform with FIVE ball pits, 20 sliding lanes, trampolines, obstacle courses and more!

Singapore Book of Records: Largest Inflatable Playground
Dated: 6 September 2019

Bouncy Paradise is located at and run by PeopleUp@Pandan. It has 20 different bouncy castles and a mega ball pit in an area measuring 29m by 39.1m. Not only are the players spoilt for choice, it is rare to play with these giant inflatables in aircon comfort. The carnival runs from 7 Sep – 6 Oct 2019.

Singapore Ants Exhibition Lets You See The Queen & Its Colonies Up Close
Dated: 31 August 2019

Ever wondered about what life is like for ants? The Singapore Ants Exhibition gives you a chance to peek into an ant’s life.

The exhibition features colonies of 21 species of ants in 25 different habitats. You’ll get to see ants working together to feed on their prey as well as weaving to form a bridge for crossing.

Bosses Network Learning Cruise 2019 (Heartland Enterprises: Transform and Thrive)
Dated: 04 August 2019

Senior Minister of State Sim Ann: Age is not an obstacle for business transformation.

Sheng Siong Group Founder and CEO (Lim Hock Chee): Customers are the bosses. The rest of us should serve them as passionate employees.

PeopleUp Founder and CEO (Chris Tan) shared his experiences and thoughts amongst other guest speakers, encouraging bosses in the audience to champion the action plans for transformation in their companies.

Singapore Ants Exhibition at PeopleUp@Katong: Uncovering The Hidden World Of Ants
Dated: 1 August 2019

A visit to the Singapore Ants Exhibition will leave you with a deeper appreciation of the complex and social world of ants. It also goes to show that just because ants are small, they are neither insignificant nor unintelligent.

JIO U GO: PeopleUp Singapore
Dated: 11 June 2019

For the West-siders of Singapore who have probably heard one too many ulu joke about living in the far end of the island, Jio U Go shows you what’s up at this unique place that goes some way in debunking the old stereotype of the “boring” West… PeopleUp!

NasDaily: Luxury Homes for Bugs (Ants Exhibition)
Dated: 1 June 2019

Nas: People love to raise animals, but instead of a dog or a cat, this guy loves to raise Ants. He loves it so much he spent years building luxury homes for his Ants!

PeopleUp CEO Shares his Experience (Heartland Enterprises: Transform and Thrive)
Dated: 20 May 2019

PeopleUp Founder and CEO – Chris Tan shares his experience on his entrepreneurship journey and strategic views on transformation as a guest speaker on the Bosses Network Learning Cruise 2019. This is the 16th year of the learning cruise jointly organised by Genting Dream, Bosses Network and Shin Min Daily News.

Photo by
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S’pore’s Most Instagrammable Pop-Up And Latest Immersive Theatre Experience
Dated: 26 April 2019 got a preview of 22 Stories before it officially opens on May 1. The Insta-wonderland occupies a massive 20,000 sq ft cavernous space tucked away in Pandan Gardens (it reportedly cost $1mil and took four months to build).


Meet 22 characters in 22 rooms at PeopleUp@Pandan
Dated: 23 April 2019

Classic stories come alive in the interactive four-hour production 22 Stories, where actors entertain the audience in themed rooms. At multi-room theatrical production 22 Stories, you can meet characters such as Mariah Mackerel Mermaid (above) and take photographs in rooms like the Cheshire Cat Room.

3 Facts To Know About The Coolest Kids Place In Singapore
Dated: 15 January 2018

200 Pandan Gardens was recently revamped and underwent a transformation into a Kids Expo venue. It is now a one-stop place that is filled with everything your kids need to grow up to be a confident, happy and successful kid.

Largest Meiji Warehouse Sale at PeopleUp@Pandan
Dated: 21 December 2018

Meiji announced some pretty amazing news: There will be a Meiji warehouse sale from 20-23 Dec, and apparently… It will be the largest ever!

Meiji Warehouse Sale at PeopleUp@Pandan

Dated: 20 December 2018

Meiji Warehouse Sale From 20-23 Dec Near Jurong East Will Be The Largest Ever. Unlike previous Meiji sales held at its headquarters along Quality Road, PeopleUp will be hosting the Meiji sale in Jurong East instead.